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Tankcraft operates in Darien, WI in a new facility first built in 2000. We have approximately 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. Our resources and capabilities include: 

  • Overhead gantry cranes
  • Overhead jib cranes
  • Full submersion testing equipment
  • Turret presses
  • Robotic welding cells
  • Up to 1000 ton press operations
  • Resistance/Seam welding facilities
  • Mig welding facilities
  • Tig welding facilities
  • Large and small (both low and high volume) full-scale parts machining
  • Immediate access to major highway and freeway infrastructure
  • Immediate access to rail transportation
  • Centrally located in the geographic US meaning reliable transport to all areas in N. America
  • Power facilities from two separate generation operations (i.e. automatic power backup in case of catastrophe)
  • On-site data center operations with fiber multi-homed connectivity to the internet
  • 2D and 3D CAD
  • Current operations are single shift only, which means demand/capacity can be increased immediately without construction by adding additional work shifts
  • Electrostatic air filtration